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New Expertise added for our Business Owner clients!

Over the next 10 years, 79% of business owners will be exiting their businesses but only a few have a comprehensive plan to do so successfully.

  • Do I sell to an outsider?  Do I sell or transfer to my children? What if only 1 child wants the business and the other doesn’t?  how do I compensate?
  • Is my business ready for a sale?  How do I increase its value so that I can retire comfortably?  How much do I need to retire? What is it really worth?

We can help with answer all these questions.

Did you know that a successful plan to exit your business needs to begin anywhere between 5 to 10 years beforehand?

Through their CExP™ designation Chris & Paulina have the knowledge and understanding necessary to perform comprehensive, professionally executed Exit Planning services that meet the objectives of their business owner clients.

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