Our Personal Wealth Management Strategy

We delivery a unique and comprehensive approach to financial planning. Our Wealth Management Strategy will help you understand where you are today, and lead the way into the future.  Client specific and goal-orientated financial planning. Your objective, our goal.

Your Objective, Our Goal.

As individual you are, so is your financial plan. We focus on implementing a plan orientated towards your customized objectives and individual needs. (Retire at age 55, Mitigate Estate Risks, or Preserve my Wealth.

Our team will measure and analyze your financial position, make recommendations covering your opportunities, weaknesses and financial goals.  We integrate comprehensive financial strategies focused on, (1) your financial objectives, (2) building efficiencies while maximizing value and (3) mitigating risks.

Our Wealth Management Strategy in summary will cover the following three (3) basic areas:

Analysis of your Financial Position.

Portfolio Management and Risk Mitigation
Implementation of a Comprehensive Tax & Estate Plan 


Our Phased Process 

Fit Meeting and Discovery - Phase #1

Our initial meeting will set the scope of the relationship, explore your value and our services. We match our services to your needs and establish the direction of the relationship. Together, we measure and analyze your financial position and discover your opportunities while addressing your risks. Each person is unique and requires a customized plan. 


Focused Financial Planning - Phase #2

During the next phase, we will review your financial position, your future expectations and your objectives. We prioritize what matters most, recommend and address needs and establish your financial objectives. In preparation to plan for integration of your plan, we prioritize your objectives by recommending adjustments to maximize value, mitigate risks and identifying additional opportunities.  Your financial plan will cover each of your life phases; career development, pre and post retirement, wealth accumulation and family succession. Also, detailing in post retirement review to maximize your income.  

Our planning procedure covers the below mentioned topics that are customized to match your criteria:

  • Planning for each Life Stage (Wealth Accumulation, Retirement and Family Succession)
  • Integration Wealth Preservation & Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Post-Retirement Income Strategies
  • Estate & Tax Succession Planning
  • Risk Management (Protecting your loved ones)
  • Banking / Cash Flow Management, among various others. 


Objective-Orientated Strategies - Phase #3

We implement your financial strategy directed to achieve your individualized objectives. At this phase, we have a defined strategy and adjust your personal objective to match your current criteria and implement your plan, as directed by you.  Your investment portfolio will be structured to maximize on value, reduce estate risks and focus on wealth management. As an investor you will receive recommendations based on your investment time horizon, risk tolerance and objective.

Review and Refine - Phase #4

We refine your plan by improving and building upon your objectives and seeking additional opportunities. We update your financial objectives in benchmark to your  personal situation, market environment and changing life style.

Your financial plan will keep evolving on an annual basis and customized to your unique goals. 



We get to the heart of your tough questions

We take time to build deeper, more personal connections – with you and your family. It’s the X-factor that gives you the confidence to share your hopes and dreams, what drives and inspires you. So, regardless of how you choose to connect, we will get to the heart of your hard questions and tailor your plan to give you the answers you need.

The Personal Wealth

Our team adopts a disciplined process using The Personal Wealth Management StrategyTM. This system allows us to examine all aspects of your financial well-being – from evaluating your current state to understanding your dreams and aspirations – to build the plan that's right for you.

Personal Wealth Management Wheel Personal Wealth Management Wheel


Understand how you want your money to work for you; evaluate your wants, needs and goals; map your plan.


Provide a portfolio that meets your investment objectives to help achieve your target returns.


Develop contingency plans and recommend insurance solutions to deal with the ups and downs of life along the road.


Examine the relationships you have with your financial institution and identify ways to improve your banking services.


Develop a plan to ensure what you leave behind for your loved ones is efficiently transferred to them.


Conduct annual reviews to ensure you’re on track to achieving your goals; adjust your plan to suit the changes in your life.


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